Avoid Common Plumbing Problems In Your Home

Sal’s Plumbing has been providing expert plumbing service in the South Bay and Los Angeles for over 30 years..   Whether it’s leak detection or simple drain clean, our expert plumbers enjoy serving our customers in the South Bay and surrounding area.  That said we are passing along some home improvement information to help you avoid common plumbing problems in your home.

Whether you own your own home or rent an apartment, you will most certainly run into a few toilet, sink or bathtub challenges along the way. It is not always possible to get a plumber to the scene right away, either, so it is important to know what to do about a few common plumbing problems.


Toilet Will Not Flush

This is often a very basic problem that can be resolved relatively easily. The first thing to do is to take the lid off of the tank and look inside. Inside the porcelain tank, there should be a chain with a hook attached to the flushing handle and a rubber stopper. Sometimes the hook and chain have simply fallen out of the handle. Thread it through, replace the tank’s lid and boom!  Your toilet is back in business.

Broken Chain or Handle

There are times when the internal flushing device has broken due to breakage of the chain or even the external handle, if it’s plastic. In this case, remove the broken parts, place all in a plastic bag and drive to the local home improvement warehouse in your neighborhood. Go to the plumbing aisle and find a device that matches the broken one. Return to the malfunctioning bathroom and replace. Boom! The important thing is to remember where everything goes before taking it apart.

The Toilet is Clogged

There are so many things that can clog a toilet and often some toilets are “sensitive” due to the pipes. What is a homeowner to do?  Keeping a plunger in every bathroom is highly recommended. The plunger is a tool with a rubber suction cup attached to a pole. The internal toilet opening in the back of the bowl underwater is first covered with the rubber suction cup. The tool is pushed up and down repeatedly forcing the clog to be pushed on its way down and out into the sewer system.

Garbage Disposal Will Not Turn On

Garbage disposals are handy appliances for getting rid of food scraps by grinding it up and sending it out through the pipes. There are times that something has caused it to stall and it simply will not turn on with a flick of the switch. What to do? Well, before panicking, calling a plumber or replacing the disposal, open the cupboard doors and peer in below the sink. There upon the black cylindrical disposal, is a tiny red re-set button. Push it. Try the switch again. Most of the time, like magic, the garbage disposal will reset itself and return to normal operations.

If any of these Plumbing Problems persist or you don’t have the time to deal with them, please give us a call at (310) 692-4183 , we are happy to stop by.  Our plumbing technicians are in the South Bay all day, every day.

Thank You!


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