Sink Plunger vs Toilet Plunger

The Sink Plunger vs The Toilet Plunger

The Sink Plunger

What are the differences between these two plungers?  The sink plunger is commonly mistaken for a toilet plunger. They are the plunger with the typically red, flat rubber end. They are flat because they are meant to be applied to flat surfaces, i.e. sinks and bathtubs.

All too often, people use these plungers on their toilets. And then they call us because they can’t plunge what needs to be plunged. The physics of the situation just doesn’t work! The way a sink plunger is designed doesn’t create the necessary vacuum for the proper plunging of a toilet.

The Toilet Plunger

Often called the toilet plunger, this plunger is technically called a flange plunger. Instead of the plunger end being flat, this plunger has an extended rubber cup, perfect for jamming in the business end of your toilet.  They are typically plastic, though, and not as durable. Don’t make the plunging mistakes of generation’s past: Buy a sink plunger for your sink and a toilet plunger for your toilet. Of course, some times plungers don’t do anything and you have to get the snake, but that’s a post for another day.

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